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With a Roadmaster Active Suspension installed, load carrying, vehicle stability, handling and control will be vastly improved, without sacrificing ride comfort, with or without a load.

Welcome to Roadmaster Active Suspension

Welcome to the unique world of Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS), the ultimate assist for vehicles with rear leaf spring suspension. RASis the only suspension upgrade that converts basic “passive” leaf springs into mechanically “active” suspension. A system that instantly absorbs and dissipates load force energy resulting in significantly improved vehicle stability, balance, traction and control, with or without a load. Roadmaster Active Suspension adds critical strength to leaf springs but WILL NOT compromise ride quality. The patented design eliminates bottoming out, axle wrap and wheel hop, greatly improves road handling by reducing sway and dangerous body roll on cornering, and strengthens the rear leaf springs for towing or hauling maximum loads with maximum safety. Vehicles and fleets that consistently operate under load benefit from improved fuel efficiency, vehicle safety and load carrying capacity as well as reduced driver fatigue and extended tire and suspension component life. RAS is a simple retrofit to most every pickup truck and van with rear leaf springs, with up to a 1 1/2 ton capacity, and once installed no adjustments or maintenance is ever required.

Roadmaster Active Suspension as seen on
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RAS PACKAGING AND KIT Roadmaster Active Suspension Kits Come Fully Assembled out of the Box Ready for Installation | Beating out hellwig, firestone, timberin and air lift


Roadmaster Active Suspension 

Kits Come Fully Assembled out

of the Box Ready for Installation